Tough Love Rings in Professional Grade Bleach?

Hello Tough Love Readers!


Its been a while since we’ve posted any articles, so we thought we would start a new series settling various questions and concerns that we’ve gotten from customers at various exhibits. Its one thing to claim that your product may do something, but its another to actually prove it.


One of the major complaints we heard about our competition is that their silicone rings start to wear and thin out around various chemicals. We confirmed this with a few of the surrendered rings that we had been given as customers transitioned over to Tough Love Rings. We also noticed that those same companies were conveniently releasing new silicone rings of “higher quality” to compensate for the “poorer quality” that was being sold. We never understood why any company would willingly sell sketchy products to their customers. Anyways…


Last week, a good friend of ours was power washing homes in our neighborhood. We noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring and we got to talking. He explained that his metal ring would never survive all the chemicals that he works with daily. Naturally, we offered him a Tough Love Ring to try out and get back to us about his experience. Initially, he was concerned about whether the ring would discolor since he uses professional grade bleach as part of his power washing concoction. Rather than wait a few weeks to check for effect, we chose to accelerate the process and dip our rings directly into concentrated bleach to see the effects. To our surprise (well, not really), the bleach had no effect on the coloration! We left them in for a good 5 minutes just to be sure and we could not tell any difference between the dipped side and the dry side. To test that the bleach was indeed live and active, we dipped a T-Shirt into the same bowl of bleach and within 3 seconds the color had changed. No gimmicks or fast talking. Just hard proof that Tough Love Rings are tough enough to stand up to harsh chemicals.


If you are currently wearing a competitive ring and have experienced “poorer quality” due to chemicals, send us an email and your old ring and we will provide you with a very special secret discount on a Tough Love Ring! Every FIFTH customer to contact us about this promotion will get a FREE REPLACEMENT!