Tough Love Rings – Thinner AND more Comfortable?

Hello Tough Love Readers!


This article is part 2 in our series on common customer questions and today’s article is on comfort and durability. People come to us all the time saying, “Look, there one of them __(insert favorite competitor)__ rubber rings!” Well, I suppose they are half right. Silicone is a form of rubber.

These are our favorite customers. They are familiar enough to know what a silicone ring is, but not quite sure why someone would wear one. Here we talk about the main reasons why you should consider a Tough Love Ring over any other brand.

1. Comfort

Tough Love Rings are designed a little different. We get it. People think that if something is thicker, its better and stronger. We could not disagree more. Adding more material to a product only does two things: It makes it more expensive and makes it more likely to irritate your skin and joints during strenuous activity. Let me explain.

When you make a fist, say when you are lifting a dumbbell, your fingers tighten up right next to each other. If you were wearing a ring that had any real thickness, it would press up against the side of your finger and over time cause irritation. Discomfort was the number #1 reason why our customers converted from competitive rings over to Tough Love Rings.

Knowing a bit about ergonomics, we chose to go the opposite route. Rather than make the product thicker, we made it THINNER and our customers reacted very positively. But dont take our word for it, check out our reviews and see for yourself. We guarantee that Tough Love Rings are THE most comfortable silicone ring you will ever wear!

2. Durability

The video says it all. Tough Love Rings can easily stretch to over three times their size without breaking. However, they are not indestructible. Tough Love Rings are designed to break when you need it most; in an emergency. In the event of injury, they can quickly be cut using standard scissors, which can be the difference between saving and losing a finger. Since they are made of silicone they will stretch if they ever get caught on something dangerous.

But enough about safety, we know the question that is lingering on everyone’s mind. “Will Tough Love Rings stand up to my badass workout routine, because, you know, I am a badass”? Yes we know and yes, they will absolutely stand up to whatever you can bring. These rings have been tested over and over by crossfitters all around the country. If you have ever tried crossfit, you know that these workouts are no joke. Everything from running to lifting to jumping rope, pull ups and pushups. And then there is the occasional tire flip for those looking for a more “relaxed” workout. We have personally tested these rings on 400+ lb deadlifts and we know athletes that have claimed upwards of 600+ lbs. Tough Love Rings stands up to it all.

3. Logos

To Logo or not to Logo, that is the question we pondered for weeks as we were designing Tough Love Rings. Ultimately, we chose not to brand the ring itself with our Logo and the reason might surprise you. One of the primary purposes of any company’s marketing department is to promote brand awareness. But how can you recognize a brand if there is no logo? The truth is, you cant. We chose not to include our logo for two main reasons.

The first reason for not including our logo is related to commitments. We recognize that people wear rings to represent someone or something they hold dearly, whether a spouse, friend or charity (Today, we wore purple to support Abby’s Army. More on that cause later). This is a product that is so personally intimate, that some people wear it for life without ever taking it off. Then there are others who cherish their ring so much, that they do remove it regularly, in fear of damaging it or losing it during an activity. Should these people choose to wear a silicone ring, we strongly believe that our logo should never come between two spouses, two friends or a person and their beliefs. For this reason we elected not to cosmetically apply our logo directly on the ring.

The second reason for not including our logo is related to quality. Our rings are perfectly round and uniform in thickness all around. Debossing a logo in the silicone, would most certainly compromise the structural integrity of the ring and therefore create an inferior product. As our goal was to create a premium silicone ring that could stand up to the toughest of lifestyles, including any logo was just out of the question. We are surprised that other companies have not figured this out yet.

4. Customer Service

Ask any of our customers about their experience with us and…well, don’t take our word for it. You can read their reviews for yourself. Customer service is our top priority. We buy things too and we know all to well the disappointment of buyers remorse. Luckily for us, our customers may never experience that with us as we take care of each and every one as if it were us on the other end of that email or phone call. We don’t play games or waste your time with silly rules to make you just give up or forget. Life is busy and our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a premium silicone ring without all the fuss or drama. Don’t believe us? Let our reviews speak for themselves!

5. Affordability

When we check out what other competitors are doing, we are just shocked at what they try to charge for their silicone rings. I mean, who sells a silicone ring for $40?? I suppose if people will spend it…

On the other hand, we are not here to price gouge. We are here to provide our customers with a simple premium product using no gimmicks, no fancy celebrities and no fancy packaging (that ends up right in the trash or landfill). We certainly want to get the word out, but we have chosen to let the quality of our products and our customer service speak for themselves. If people enjoy Tough Love Rings, they will tell their friends and family about us. In fact, there is no greater compliment than having people post us on their personal social medial for their network to see.

Keeping these unnecessary expenses to a minimum allows us to keep our costs and prices low.

6. Warranty

Ah yes, the dreaded warranty. Customers have made critical purchasing decisions based on whether a warranty was included. Why? Because life happens. And we all have kids, pets, jobs and bacon. Yes, we’ve had someone have their ring slip off from that delicious delicious bacon grease. It was such a bittersweet story (or is that bittersalty?).

We love reading these stories because it represents all the life that our customers are experiencing. Nothing makes us happier. So go ahead, wear your TOUGH LOVE RING. If we LOVE your story, we may even send you an extra replacement ring just for being awesome.

If you EVER have a problem with your purchase, all you have to do is contact us and we will resolve it. Period. Sometimes, we work to resolve matters without customers even reaching out (see the section on our awesome Customer Service).

7. Giving Back

In addition to providing a premium product, this company was also conceived to help others. We have donated to many charities and fundraising events without hesitation and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to help more.

Occasionally, we also like to share messages on LOVE as a reminder to keep us all grounded (yes, we need this reminder too). Building a successful brand that stands up to our high quality standards ultimately allows us to continue donating to worthy causes. Help us by telling your friends about Tough Love Rings.


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