Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your logo?

Tough Love Rings understands that the majority of customers that wear our products do so because they want to represent their marriage to their spouse or personal commitment or support for a particular organization. Tough Love Rings takes the stance that our logo should not come between the wearer and the reason they are wearing our product. In addition, our research shows that our customers prefer not to pursue empty gimmicks or blemish a perfect ring with a logo that could compromise the products appearance or structural integrity. For this reason, Tough Love Rings intentionally does not display our logo on the actual ring.

How can I determine the correct size to order?

Sizing a silicone ring is different than sizing a metal ring. Whereas metal rings must be able to get over the knuckle, in order to properly size silicone rings, you should have some resistance at the knuckle and some play at the base of the finger.

You could use a ring size guide or some string method, but we have found that they are not always accurate. The best option is to get properly sized at a local jewelry store. While you are there, ask them if they carry Tough Love Rings! Don’t forget to thank them for their time!

What if I am a half size?

Given the nature of silicone, Tough Love Rings are only available in whole sizes. We recommend that if you are a half size or larger, you should go with the next whole size. For example, if you normally wear size 8.5, you should purchase a size 9. If you are a 8.25, then you should purchase a size 8.

I bought a Tough Love Ring a while back and cannot remember my size. Is there a way to tell what size the ring is?

As noted in the previous question, Tough Love Rings do not brandish our logo, however the only marking on the ring will be the ring size in small font on the inside of the ring. This can easily be seen if the ring is turned inside out.

How do the dimensions of a Tough Love Ring differ from the competition?

Tough Love Rings come in Thin (5.5mm) and Thick (8.7mm) widths across.

At 1.8mm thickness from inner diameter to outer diameter, our patent pending Tough Love Rings are about 30% thinner compared to leading brands. This is why our rings are extremely comfortable that they are practically undetectable.

Don’t believe the thicknesses other companies are reporting for their rings? Get a caliper and measure it yourself. We certainly did 🙂

Will Tough Love Rings shrink or expand?

Tough Love Rings are made of a premium medical grade silicone. They are designed to be durable but they are not indestructible. The silicone is designed to stretch and return to its original size and shape. As with any other material, the product could expand if it is stretched beyond its limit. There are instances where if a ring is just slightly too tight, you might be able to intentionally stretch it out to gain a half size for comfort. There should not be any instances where a Tough Love Ring would shrink.

Can Tough Love Rings cause skin irritation?

Some customers have reported instances of skin irritation while wearing silicone rings in general. Skin irritation can be cause by several factors with the two main reasons being allergies to silicone (which is rare) or incorrect size. Your skin needs to breath and if you wear a silicone ring that is too tight, it can trap sweat and materials that could cause skin irritation. This is why it is important to size your ring properly. As with any jewelry, it is also recommended that you wash your hands regularly with warm water and a mild soap to eliminate any trapped germs that could contribute to the irritation. See question on how to determine the correct size for more details.

If you do encounter skin irritation, please contact us so that we can work to get you the size you do need.

I need a color or color combination that you do not currently have. Can you create something for just me?

As much as we would love to be able to produce custom rings on a case by case basis, at this time this is not a service we can offer. We mass produce all our inventory and store them in our warehouse so customer orders can be fulfilled quickly. If you have a color in mind that you want us to offer, please contact us and let us know. If enough demand exists for a specific color or style, we will consider it for our next release!


I placed an order, but did not receive any email confirmation. Now what?

Some customers have reported never getting email confirmations and we have later discovered that the notification was either caught by their spam filter or they accidentally entered the incorrect email address. If you check your spam folder and cannot locate a flagged email, please contact us with your correct email address so we can update our system and records.

Do you stock all available rings?

Yes, we maintain most of our inventory in our local warehouse.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day of order.

Do you offer discounts to Military, Police, Firefighters or First Responders?

Absolutely! If you are a hero in your community, contact us for details on how to get our best discount on your Tough Love Ring!


I love my Tough Love Ring, but despite my best efforts, I ordered the wrong size. How can I go about exchanging for a different size?

We have a hassle free process to get you the product you need. The fastest option is to contact us directly with your order information and the size you need. Our Customer Service Department will guide you through a process that could have your replacement out to you as fast as the one you originally ordered!

Does your exchange policy cover fingers that change size?

Our exchange policy covers any reason why you might need a different size Tough Love Ring!


Can I get my Tough Love Ring engraved with a custom message?

Tough Love Rings are designed to be the thinnest, most comfortable silicone ring available. To preserve the durability of the thin ring, we do not currently offer or provide customization of our products. However, we do have relationships with jewelers that have had success in engraving Tough Love Rings using special equipment. If you have a special need for engraving, please contact us and we can connect you to a third party engraver.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

If you are an eligible retailer or are considering becoming a Tough Love ambassador, please contact us for more information.